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Preschool 3-5 Years This is  fun ballet class where students will learn learn the foundations of ballet movements  through use of imagination, props and laughter.

The dance class is 45min long with 10 minutes sticker and reward time after the class so plan for 55min.                                                                                                     

Primary 5/6 Years This fun ballet class introduces young dancers to the fundamentals of classical ballet. It focuses on developing coordination, flexibility, and basic ballet vocabulary. Students learn basic positions, movements, and begin to understand the importance of posture and turnout. Emphasis is placed on building a strong foundation for future ballet training.


Grade 1 and 2 Ballet   Students continue to build on the foundational skills learned in earlier levels. This level introduces more intricate movements, including specific steps and combinations. Dancers start refining their technique, emphasizing proper alignment, and develop a deeper understanding of musicality. The curriculum often includes barre exercises and center work to enhance balance and coordination. Additionally, students may learn more challenging terminology and begin to explore basic ballet variations. It's a stage where dancers further develop their artistic expression while honing technical proficiency.

Ages 10-13 years  Beginner                                                                               

Ballet offers several benefits for a 10-13-year-old beginning student. It  promotes confidence and  physical fitness by enhancing strength, flexibility, and coordination. Additionally, ballet helps improve posture and body awareness, which can have positive effects on overall health.


Beyond the physical aspects, ballet fosters discipline and focus as students learn and practice intricate movements. It also encourages self-expression, creativity, and boosts confidence as dancers gain mastery over new skills. The social aspect of group classes can contribute to building friendships and a sense of community.


Moreover, ballet instills a love for the arts and introduces young students to a rich cultural tradition. Overall, ballet provides a holistic development experience for your child, combining physical, mental, and artistic growth.

Grade 3-6  In ballet, levels 3-6 generally indicate a progressive system of skill development. At level 3, dancers typically focus on refining basic techniques and building strength. As they advance through levels 4 to 6, complexity and artistry increase, encompassing more intricate movements, combinations, and expressions. Each level builds upon the foundation of the previous one, preparing dancers for more advanced challenges in higher levels. It's a structured approach to ensure a gradual and comprehensive mastery of ballet skills.

Teen Beginner - level 2 

Learn fundamental ballet techniques, including basic positions, movements, and terminology.  The class will emphasize proper body alignment, posture, and balance. As dancers progress, they'll be introduced to simple choreography, fostering creativity and musicality.


Intermediate/Advanced Ballet and Pointe work;    Barre work, Centre work, Adage, Pirouettes, Allegro and Pointe work.

This class is for ages  15+ years with 4+ years previous training. Adults who are ballet veterans and have danced all their lives, are welcome to this class. Pointe work can be done on demi pointe if needed. 



Adult ballet Beginner - level 3                                                                                                                                                        

  1.  You'll learn the foundational ballet positions of the feet and arms, along with fundamental movements like pliés, tendus, and dégagés.

  2. Focus will be on achieving and maintaining proper body alignment, posture, and core engagement to execute movements correctly.

  3. Barre Work: Classes typically start with barre exercises to warm up and strengthen muscles. These exercises help improve balance and flexibility.

  4. Center Work: As you progress, more exercises will be done away from the barre, incorporating movements like turns, jumps, and adagio sequences.

  5. Coordination and Musicality: Ballet is not just about physicality but also about expressing oneself through movement. You'll work on coordination and develop a sense of musicality in your dance.

  6. Flexibility and Strength: Adult ballet classes help enhance flexibility and build strength progressively, adapting to your body's capabilities.

  7. Choreography: In more advanced classes (level 3), you might start learning short dance combinations or choreography, allowing you to apply the techniques in a more artistic manner.

  8. Artistic Expression:

  9. Community and Enjoyment: 

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